Overall, my experience was the most rewarding struggle of my life. I would not have been so at ease about everything happening without Brooke there.
Brooke is amazing. The calm, collected presence she brings with her is so settling and I can’t wait to suggest to her to my friends.
— Rachel B. (Denver, NC)

Someone asked me yesterday what my birth experience was like, and without hesitation, I said it was absolutely amazing. I have my doula to thank for that.
Brooke was absolutely fabulous and everything that I wanted in a doula. As a first time mom, Brooke helped me understand what was going to happen, what my options were, and the information behind each choice. There is not a hint of judgment from her, she simply presents the evidence and helps to facilitate an informed decision. She was available when I needed her to answer random questions via text message, and found research for me if she didn’t already have it. I truly believe that because of her my baby’s birth was as smooth and simple as it could have possibly been. Thank you, Brooke!!
— Amanda l. (Concord, NC)
Brooke was such an asset during the birth of my second child. She quickly cleared her scheudle and booked it across town to get to me in a timely manner. She was ready & willing to do whatever it was I needed. She offered verbal & physical support, all the chapstick I could need, and took memorable photos I’ll forever cherish. I really appreciated having Brooke on my side for my very intense quick birth.
— Kira F. (Charlotte, NC)
I cannot fathom the birth of our daughter without Brooke in the picture. She was everything we searched for in a doula and more. Brooke was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and made it clear that she would be supportive no matter what we envisioned for our birth plan. We had 2 appointments prior to our birth where Brooke came to our house and spent extensive time with me and my husband answering questions, helping us form our birth plan, practicing labor techniques, etc. so that we felt well prepared. She also text me to check in after my scheduled doctors appointments and sent encouraging messages as we neared our due date. One of the things that was important to us in a doula was that she had a strong Christian faith. It was so comforting to me to have Brooke pray over me while I was in labor. While in labor, she was always by my side encouraging my husband and I both, applying back pressure during contractions, making sure I always had water, holding my legs as I pushed, and the list goes on. Additionally, when I had an unexpected postpartum follow-up appointment and my husband was unable to go because of work, Brooke took me to my appointment!! That was certainly not in her job description but her selflessness once again solidified why we chose her and would highly recommend her to anyone! She is truly using her God given gift. She was made to be a Doula!!
— Morgan S. (Charlotte, NC)