My Story.


Hi! I'm Brooke.

BS, ACSM-EP, Doula



My doula journey really began when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn’t stop researching and learning, soaking in all the information my mind could absorb. Although his birth didn’t go exactly according to my birth plan, I still felt so empowered, supported, and powerful! It truly was a beautiful and life-changing experience. However, I quickly realized this was not the case for a lot of mothers in the US. As time passed, I became burdened by this fact and being the advocate I try to be, had to do something to help! I knew I had to become a birth doula.

I have worked in a variety of capacities before arriving in the birth world. I studied Exercise Science in college, where I learned the amazing things our bodies are capable of when we treat them properly. I've worked as an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehab, and as a wellness coach in a hospital setting. I was in full-time ministry, working with college students and teenagers. In that capacity, I learned to meet people where they're at, to comfort and to “hold space” for someone.
These experiences brought me to a new understanding of wholeness - body, mind and spirit. This set me up perfectly to team up alongside women in their birth journeys - one of the most life-changing events we can experience!